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Are you beagle people?

There is no denying it, beagles are cute

But is a beagle the right dog for your family? They don’t suit everyone, and that’s ok, no judgment here. But before you jump in heart first, can you say yes to these questions?

  • Is your yard fully fenced, preferably with 1.8m Colorbond fencing?
  • Are you prepared to walk your dog on leash at all times?
  • Are you prepared to spend time training your new family member, and continue to offer enrichment activities?
  • Are you ok with your plants being redistributed and your grass looking like the surface of the moon?
  • Are you looking for a member of the family to spend time with you, not left alone in the back yard?


Frequently Asked Questions
frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions which we are often asked

do beagles shed?

YES!!! Beagles are a double coated dog, so although they are relatively short-haired, they shed throughout the year, with an extra bonus of beagle glitter in early spring

are beagles noisy?

They can be very vocal, but all dogs are different, so there is no guarantee yours will be noisy. But prepare yourself for the beagle arrrooooo

can i have a beagle if i live in a unit?

Yes, you can. Of course having a yard for your beagle to play in is ideal, but if you are prepared to take your dog out for exercise at least daily, and can give other forms of enrichment, a beagle will live happily wherever their owner is. Most of the volunteers for BRN have outside space, but their dogs usually choose to be with them inside. 

At BRN we are more interested in whether you are prepared to treat your beagle as one of the family.


do beagles need company?

Beagles are very sociable, and do like to be with their people. Many will appreciate a doggy friend, but they will happily live as solo dogs. 

Breed History

The beagle is a very old pure breed, first records of it can be found more than 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece. In Britain it has been used as a hunting hound since the 14th Century and packs of them are still used to hunt hare.

However, the beagle has been domesticated very successfully during recent years and is now a very popular pet and show dog.

Great Family Pets

Beagles are medium size dogs, being between 33 cm (13″) and 41cm (16″) high, measured from the top of the shoulder vertically to the ground.

One of their greatest attributes is their extremely good temperament. They are bold, with an even temperament, and bright, inquisitive dogs. For this reason they make an excellent family pet, and are one of the few breeds that can be recommended for children. Although of course, no dog should be left unsupervised with small children

Further information can be found from Dogs NSW  here and from Beagle Club of NSW  here 

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