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Beagle Rescue NSW

Beagle Rescue NSW is an ACNC registered charity


ABN :   31 810 596 691



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What we do

Rescuing Beagles

Beagle Rescue NSW works with other animal welfare organisations when requested, with the rescue of dogs where breed experience is considered an advantage to preparing them for adoption


Beagle Rescue NSW have a number of foster carers who take beagles who have been rescued or surrendered into their homes, and prepare them for adoption

private rehoming

Beagle Rescue NSW will assist owners who need to find another loving home for their beloved beagle


Beagle Rescue NSW provides information through this website and social media channels 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Beagle Rescue NSW is a 100% volunteer organisation working to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome beagles and beagle crosses in need across NSW.

Beagle Rescue NSW strives to educate current and future owners on the joys, pitfalls and realities of owning our beautiful breed to ensure that as many Beagles and their families find their perfect match the first time around. Beagle Rescue NSW believes in a modern, science-based approach to training; and in ensuring every dog lives their best life through a healthy approach to diet, exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment.



Some beagles we’ve helped

Max adopted through BRN


14 mos
July 2020


5 yrs
July 2019


4 yrs
January 2020


9 yrs
August 2020


9 mos
June 2020

buddy & big boy

8 yrs
March 2019

Weekly Raffle Fundraiser

For just $2 you could WIN $2000 each week.

We have teamed up with Club Draws and for just $2 you can go into the draw to WIN $2000 each week whilst also helping us raise much needed funds.

It’s a really simple way to support Beagle Rescue NSW but at the same time have a chance to win an amazing prize.

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