Beagle to be rehomed

What colour is your beagle?

What sex is your beagle?

Is your beagle desexed?

Have you been in contact with the breeder to ask whether they would like to take the dog back, or assist with rehoming?

Do you intend to seek a rehoming fee?

Is your beagle treated regularly for heartworm?

Does your beagle have any health problems?

Does your beagle have any behaviour or temperament problems?

Has your beagle lived with, or had regular contact with children?

Is your beagle friendly/social with other dogs?

Does your beagle currently live with another dog?

Is your beagle allowed indoors

Is your beagle housetrained?

Has your beagle lived with cats or other animal (exc dogs)?

Has your beagle had any training of any sort?

Do you have more than one beagle to rehome?

If you have more than one beagle to rehome, do they need to be rehomed together?

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