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23/9/18 Garfield has gone on trial so may no longer be available




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Age: 6 years
Sex: Male (Desexed)
Description: Tri-colour
Originally obtained from: A man in Dubbo (can't remember his name)
Where is he/she located: Orange, west of Sydney
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: Winter this year
Heartworm treated : Yes (vaccinated by Vet)
Reason for rehoming: Moving house
Health: No known problems
Temperament: No known problems
Used to Children: Lives with a 10 year old and a 6 year old, and has grown up with them.
Good with other Dogs: Garfield loves being with other dogs, when they have stayed, visited, or if he plays with them at the park.
Used to Cats: No
Allowed Indoors: No
Housetrained: No
Obedience training: Garfield went to obedience training in Bathurst when he was younger. He will obey several commands - sit, drop, stay, and leave (he will relinquish what he has) but I could never get him to 'heel' when walking. He always sits when being fed, and knows to only eat when he is given the 'ok' command.
Owner's comments : Garfield is a much loved family pet, and has the most beautiful temperament. He is always happy to see anyone, and loves company. He is wonderful with children and also loves to be with other dogs.

We did try having Garfield inside when he was younger, but could not house train him. He will dig when he is bored, and is quite a clever escape artist - repeatedly figuring out how to open gates.

We are very sad that we are forced to rehome him, and desperately want to find a good home with owners who will love him as much as we do. I've been very honest about our wonderful Garfield and his foibles so that anyone who wants to adopt him can make an educated decision, and he can find a great home that is perfect for him.

For further details please contact

Ph: 0428 599 423
Email: psandry25@gmail.com
(Garfield is in Orange, west of Sydney)