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Originally listed : 24 August 2018
I am available through my owner ID Number: 2018-033
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17/9/18 Benji did go on trial to another home but sadly it did not work out for him

Please note: Benji is best mates with Milo, an American Bulldog mix and they would love to be rehomed together but their owners understand if this is not possible.




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Age: 5 yrs  10 mths (DoB: 1 Oct 2013)
Sex: Male (Desexed)
Description: Tri-colour
Originally obtained from: Nowra, NSW
Where is he/she located: Cordeaux Heights near Wollongong, NSW
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: Not stated
Heartworm treated : Yes (Advocate)
Reason for rehoming: Benji is a much loved pet but we can not give him the attention and care he needs as we work full time and now travel extensively with work. We have a second dog (American bulldog mix) and they are best friends. We would love them to be rehomed together if possible but understand if not.
Health: No known problems
Temperament: He is loving and totally safe around our kids, been with our now 5 year old since 12 weeks of age. While we haven't walked him in public (we have a big block) for some time, he is usually a bit unsure around other dogs by barking and wanting to interact but nothing aggressive and after a few days he is settles back in. We always keep him on a lead for that reason but when friends bring dogs to our place (Cattle dogs and Labs) he plays with them non stop and there are no issues.
Used to Children: He has been with our 5 yr old since birth and plays with our 16 yo no worries as well
Good with other Dogs: We have a second dog and they are BEST mates, sleep together, eat together and play all day.
Used to Cats: Yes
Allowed Indoors: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Obedience training: We took Benji to puppy school, he graduated but we have not followed through too well in past 12 mths due to work commitments. He has basic manners, loves people and genuinely just wants to be centre of attention
Owner's comments : Our beautiful dog Benji joined us from 3 mths of age and grew up with our then baby. He is a soft, cuddly, mostly outdoor dog who tends to get slightly overweight when we slack off on the walking.

He is a wonderful pet to our kids but unfortunately we have had some significant changes in our work commitments in the past 6 months and it is no longer fair to keep him as we struggle to walk and care for him appropriately. Ideally he will be re-homed with his mate Milo (cross breed) but understand if not possible and we will seek alternative re-homing for her.

Benji will suit an indoor life as well. Last year he spend time with some friends in Melbourne CBD for 5mths and loved the life of walks in the city & parks, cafe visits and snuggling indoor (loves a soft bed). Equally he is comfortable outdoors and does not bark or howl overnight.

Please read notes about meeting other dogs on walks above. He will benefit further from more attention and takes to obedience training when ongoing. We are very sad to have to rehome him but realise we can not care for him appropriately.

For further details please contact

Ph: 0428 100 651
Email: gitte.molby@team.telstra.com
(Benji is in Cordeaux Heights near Wollongong)