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Dexter is being rehomed as he has started to show fear based aggression to the owner's children and guarding issues towards other dogs.
We firmly believe that Dexter deserves a chance at living a happy life but it is advisable that the new owners are aware of his issues and do not have small children or have small children visiting them.
BRNSW are happy to help out with advice from a Canine Behaviouralist.





Age: 9 years
Sex: Male (Desexed)
Description: Tri-colour
Originally obtained from: Pet Shop in Marrickville
Where is he/she located: Bowral, NSW
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: 2017
Heartworm treated : Yes
Reason for rehoming: I have 2 children. 2 years and 4 months. Dexter has fear based aggression and guarding issues. With small children and dogs larger than himself. Dexter has repeatedly tried to bite my eldest child unprovoked. And has broken skin on another child in the past. example my child is just walking up to me and he will launch at my son. Dexter has been living a the yard for the last 1.5years. For both his safety and my childs. we have seen 3 trainers to promote positiveness around my son, including medication which has helped a little. But unfortunately Dexter is very unhappy and I find it hard to give him him the attention and time he requires and deserves when he is constantly separated. He has started barking alot for attention and digging to escape as he is bored. I am also unable to walk him with 2 small children with his dog aggression as I have been hurt in the past breaking up fights.
Health: Full clean bill of health. Full blood test done this year as a last check to see if anxiety was being caused by any medical issues. Came back clear
Temperament: As stated in reason for rehoming. Dexter displays fear based aggression. Dexter can not be around children younger than 6 years. Dexter also displays dog aggression, can not go to dog parks, will run away regularly if he feels threatened in flight mode and you cant catch him.
He has been on anti anxiety medication with a great response. A completely different dog medicated, but I have not been able to work with him addressing the issues on medication due to having my two children with me full time.
Used to Children: No
Good with other Dogs: Dexter has always lived happily along side small dogs. Any other dogs outside of his known circle he will display agression
Used to Cats: He has lived with cats but that was some time ago
Allowed Indoors: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Obedience training: Knows sit, stay, go, shake, beg other basic tricks
Owner's comments : Dexter is very affectionate, and still very active for his age. He is a beautiful friendly dog, but his anxiety issue can cause complications. He requires someone with time and patience to work on building his confidence and promote calmness.

Since Dexter was a puppy i have worked from home with him by my side and had another small dog for companionship. He will not cope with someone who works full time and would do best with another small dog.

Dexter spends the majority of his time inside, travels perfectly in the car and is completely housetrained. Dexter's ideal home would be with someone who is home a lot where he will have no exposure to young children.

For further details please contact

Ph: 0419 634 490
Email: lee@quickset.com.au
(Dexter is in Bowral in the Souther Highlands of  NSW)