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Age: 9 mths (DoB: not stated)
Sex: Male (Desexed)
Description: Tan & white
Originally obtained from: An unregistered breeder in Melbourne
Where is he/she located: Mudgee
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: 2/11/17
Heartworm treated : Yes (Vet product)
Reason for rehoming: Barking is my main reason and the fact that I have brought him into a home that I feel has too many dogs for him to listen and be my friend. His barking is not day in day out but it is a lot and it is his way of communicating so I don't want him punished for that .
Health: No known problems
Temperament: No known problems
Used to Children: Has grown up with a 3yo boy very child friendly
Good with other Dogs: He is living with my 3 other dogs and has taken to liking them better than me. He has pack mentality and I have been told by animal behaviourist that I am not important to him while he is in with my 3 whippets. This puppy is not a give away I have a $700 asking price to assure he goes to someone that really wants him. He is desexed and up to date with vaccinations. He cost $1000 plus flights to get him to me and his vet costs. I am not an uncaring pet owner just realistic at our unsuitability.
Used to Cats: No
Allowed Indoors: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Obedience training: Puppy pre school but he prefers to ignore me
Owner's comments : I love this beagle to bits, he is a dream on the lead in the car, its just he likes to Bark at a lot of things he is very vocal. He doesn't just bark at nothing, he always has a reason but he tries all day barking playing with my other dogs that are in turn silent.

My neighbours have just rehomed a dog for barking and I feel he will be forced out eventually.

Loves my son and kids, very playful just prefers to be with the other dogs than listen to me. Typical Beagle I have been told. So I feel re homing him to a house more suited with less dogs and an owner that has the time for him will be better at his age.

For further details please contact

Ph: 0448 726 304
Email: yasmin.crockett@gmail.com
(Nugget is in Mudgee, NSW - his adoption fee is $700)