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On Trial: 11 July 2018
I am available through Beagle Rescue NSW ID Number: 2018-044

Please be aware that applications are not necessarily on a ‘first come - first served’ basis, but rather, each application is matched to individual dogs and their needs and the most appropriate potential home is chosen. It may take a few weeks for a decision to be made as the foster carer(s) and the Rescue Co-ordinator will carefully assess each application as our priority is to find exactly the right home for that particular beagle


** I have gone On Trial to my hopefully forever home **





My Beagle Buddies are:
Maggie & Greg Fearn
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson


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Age 8 yrs 11 mths
Date of Birth 6 July 2009
Male/Female Male (Desexed)
Colour Tri-colour
Location Yass, near Canberra
Adoption Fee $ 200


Buster came to us in February from the RSPCA. He had been reluctantly surrendered by his owner as they could no longer care for him. Buster had ruptured both ACLs (Anterior Cruciate Ligaments) in his hind legs & these had to be repaired. The RSPCA repaired one of them, then he came into foster care with Nancye in Yass.

After 6 weeks of rehabilitation he had his second ACL repaired. Buster is still in rehab but only has a weeks or two to go for him to start looking for his forever home. Buster is a laid-back, very easy to live with gent & will make a wonderful addition to any family.

Preferably we would like a home where there is another beagle or social breed of dog to keep him company and/or someone who is home most of the time. Beagles are pack dogs and do need company as they do not do well when left on their own for long hours.

Buster has been ....

-  Health & temperament checked

-  Desexed

-  C5 Vaccinated

-  Lifetime Registered

-  Annual heartworm vaccinated

-  Started on regular flea and worming treatment

Notes from Buster's foster carer, Nancye .....

Buster is a gentle teddy bear of a beagle. He is a lovely natured boy and considering what he has been through over the past 5 months he has remained calm and accepting of everything that has been done to him. In fact he was raring to go within a few days of having his operation. While he didn't appreciate having to be confined, he took it all in his stride!

He loves people and is constantly wagging his tail to say hello to anyone who looks his way. As he has such a happy nature, we feel he was well loved by his former family and are sure they will be happy to know he is on the lookout for a new family to love him as he deserves.

Buster has also been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis but this is controlled with a puffer once a day - much like a human uses for asthma. His coughing was quite noticeable after his operation due to the tube irritating his throat but this has settled and with the use of the puffer will get better with time. We have obtained an AeroDawg* Canine Aerosol Chamber (you can see how this works by clicking on the name) to help him breathe in the medication, this will come with him along with a supply of the medication. He is very accepting of the puffer - no doubt he loves the attention!

We don't know much about his past life but while he has been in foster care he has shown that he gets along very well with both people and dogs. He shows a fascination with the resident cats but has not had an opportunity to mingle with them.

Buster may be a bit more mature than some of our fosters have been but no one bothered to tell him that! Don't let his age fool you, despite his operations he is always ready for a rumble. He loves a walk and always greets you with enthusiasm.


Adoption Fee:  $200

If you would like to know more about Buster, to help decide whether he will be the right fit for your family
then we highly suggest you call his foster carer Nancye and have a chat to her about him.
Truth be told there may be a bit of a tug-of-war getting her to part with him .

Phone: 02 6227 1255 or 0410 031 552

(Buster is in a foster home in Yass which is near Canberra)

Enquiries please email: enquiries@beaglerescuensw.org.au


If you are genuinely interested in adopting Buster and you feel you can offer him a loving home then you MUST fill in the interactive PDF form on the link below.

Filling in the form is not binding but it does help us make a decision about the best home for him. We will be considering all the information you supply in the application and deciding which ones we feel could offer Buster a good home.




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