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Age: 12 years (DoB: 02/12/2005)
Sex: Female (Desexed)  
Description: Tri-colour  
Originally obtained from: Glendale
Where is he/she located: Mount Hutton, Newcastle
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: 23/11/2017
Heartworm treated : Yes (Sentinel)
Reason for rehoming: Millie will require a very secure yard and someone who is around most of the day. She has separation anxiety and is not coping with my change in circumstances and now long hours at work. We currently live near a main road and have concerns that she will either be hit or cause an accident.
Health: No known problems
Temperament: Anxiety, currently on anti-anxiety medication
Used to Children: Perfect with all ages
Good with other Dogs: Yes
Used to Cats: Yes
Allowed Indoors: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Obedience training: Has seen a dog behaviouralist regarding separation anxiety and escaping.
Owner's comments : Millie is an absolutely gorgeous dog - fantastic temperament with all people/children, dogs and any pets.

Unfortunately, she has separation anxiety and does not cope with me being at work. Millie is great when people are around and will need someone that is home a lot of the time. If left alone, she can be destructive through her anxiety and has injured herself before.

She will require a very secure yard as she is a beagle, aka, escape artist. It is heartbreaking that I have to rehome Millie as I have had her since 6 weeks old, however, my circumstances mean that I am no longer able to provide a safe and secure home for her.

For further details please contact

Kate  Ph: 0402 553 425
Email: katemusialik@msn.com
(Millie is in Mount Hutton, Newcastle)