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Age: 6 yrs 4 mths (DoB: 22/05/2011)
Sex: Male (Desexed)  
Description: Tri-colour  
Originally obtained from: Previous owner who bought him from a Pet Shop
Where is he/she located: Braemar (near Bpwral)
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: 15/05/2017
Heartworm treated : Yes (?)
Reason for rehoming: Escaping from yard; Fear of him being lonely when we are away from home
Health: Has a problem with a lung on left side but this is now improved
Temperament: Max has a good temperament but gets very anxious when left alone
Used to Children: Yes - lives with a 12 month old
Good with other Dogs: Yes
Used to Cats: Yes
Allowed Indoors: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Obedience training: In ACT with previous owner
Owner's comments : Max needs to be with other dogs. When he stays with a friend with her dogs he is quite happy to be left. In the alternative he could be placed with older people who stay at home. Max loves sitting with you watching TV

For further details please contact

Lesley Ph: 0477 088 875
Email: lbwvs@bigpond.net.au
(Max is in Braemar near Bpwral)