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Age: 10 years 9 months  (DoB: 30/10/2006)
Sex: Male (Desexed)  
Description: Tri-colour  
Originally obtained from: Private rehoming - from a friend of a friend
Where is he/she located: Belimbla Park (Macarthur region south west of Sydney)
Microchipped: Yes
Last vaccinated: Not stated
Heartworm treated : Yes (Comfortis Plus)
Reason for rehoming: Ongoing personal health problems
Health: Fatty lumps which vet says were OK March 2017 .
Temperament: No known problems
Used to Children: No kids at home but he is very playful & loves visiting kids & adults. Hopeless watchdog as welcomes everyone.
Good with other Dogs: Welcomes them all & even shares dinner.
Used to Cats: Yes
Allowed Indoors: No
Housetrained: Is partly house trained - was fully years ago.
Obedience training: Used to be housetrained & in house in daytime & evening. Now not so often as stairs a problem for me.
Owner's comments : Pup Pup lives on a small farm of 49 acres & is very active. He loves chasing bunnies & patrolling the property. He is very friendly & likes his tummy scratched.

He is used to being shut up overnight & when I am out. He is not obedient & does not always comes when called. Eats anything left out & is a cheerful little chap.

Loves bones, used to horses. Likes the car, lousy in traffic - just keeps head and nose down. Very affectionate & likes people.

Have said it all, he is a loving, playful, hunting, fit & hungry beagle who for health reasons I can no longer cope with.

For further details please contact

Susan Ph: 02 4657 1885
Email: beaufort5@bigpond.com
(Pup Pup is in Belimbla Park - Macarthur region south west of Sydney)