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Applications closed 1 Sept 2017
I am available through Beagle Rescue NSW ID Number: 2017-036

Please be aware that applications are not necessarily on a ‘first come - first served’ basis, but rather, each application is matched to individual dogs and their needs and the most appropriate potential home is chosen. It may take a few weeks for a decision to be made as the foster carer(s) and the Rescue Co-ordinator will carefully assess each application as our priority is to find exactly the right home for that particular beagle






My Beagle Buddies are:

1/9/17 Applications to adopt LACEY have now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted one of the many applications we have received. Please be patient as we consider each one to find what we feel will be the best home for her. We hope to have a decision within the next few days.

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Age 17 months
Date of Birth 22 February 2016
Male/Female Female (Desexed)
Colour Tri-colour
Location Hunter Valley area
Adoption Fee $ 350


Due to a change in their financial circumstances, Lacey's family reluctantly surrendered her to Beagle Rescue NSW as they could no longer manage to have her desexed, vaccinated or even fed properly.

Lacey has been in foster care for several weeks now and has settled in very well with the company of the resident beagles.

Preferably we would like a home where there is another beagle or social breed of dog to keep her company and/or someone who is home most of the time. Beagles are pack dogs and do need company as they do not do well when left on their own for long hours.

Lacey has been ....

-  Health & temperament checked

-  Desexed

-  C5 Vaccinated

-  Lifetime Registered

-  Annual heartworm vaccinated

-  Started on regular flea and worming treatment

Notes from Lacey's foster carer, Kirstie.....

Lacey is the most lovable beagle and the perfect age – still a puppy but not too mischievous. She knows how to have fun and will play with the resident dogs for hours on end. Sometimes she doesn’t know when they’ve finished playing and won’t take no for an answer until they give her a little nip. She would like to think of herself as a dominant beagle and sometimes forgets her little size. Although fully grown, she’s petite coming in just under 10 kilos. She is not as vocal as most of the beagles we know but she will let you know if someone is walking past the house.

Perhaps the most appealing part of Lacey is her cuddles. She is incredibly affectionate and adores snuggling up to her humans. She does not like to see an empty lap and will be content in your arms for as long as you’ll have her!

Lacey has recently been learning how to walk on a lead. She has improved a lot in the area however her new forever family will need to continue this training so that her behaviour is positive long-term. She has been walking on a harness and is a lot more settled, however will slip back into her “silly ways” if not reminded regularly. She is still learning not to pull too hard and to sit before we cross the road.

Lacey has not spent a lot of time around children or cats. She is curious about the resident cat but I’m sure would love to play with her if given half a chance! Lacey is used to living outside and would prefer to cuddle up with the resident beagles on a big cushion to sleep than on the big doggy bed.


Adoption Fee:  $350

If you have any questions please contact Lacey's foster carer

Ph: 0432 845 954

lease contact by text only during business hours - Thank You!

(Lacey is in a foster home in the Hunter Valley area, near Newcastle)

Enquiries please email: enquiries@beaglerescuensw.org.au


If you are genuinely interested in adopting Lacey and you feel you can offer her a loving home then you MUST fill in the interactive PDF form on the link below.

Filling in the form is not binding but it does help us make a decision about the best home for her. We will be considering all the information you supply in the application and deciding which ones we feel could offer Lacey a good home.