We would like to sat a huge thank you to the following people and/or organisations, without their help we could not
continue to help as many beagles as we do.





..our wonderful foster carers

While some may only be able to help out occasionally, any time they can give is more than gratefully accepted and
very much appreciated

Richard & Christine Byrne
Georgia & Camilla Cable
Sheryl Costin
Kirstie & Dave Coyle
Jacqui & Aaron Dahl
Elizabeth Hedley
Michelle Hamilton
Nancye Lee
Larry Raftery & Caroline Laumberg

...those who have helped with transportation

Greg & Maggie Fearn
Nagore Sanz
Tony Savage
Sonia Piva

... some of our generous supporters


2016 2017  
Kim & Kevin Taylor Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson } (* for the 4 girls rescued from a puppy farm) Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson } Nicholas Morrissey
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson } Deb Barnes-O'Leary
Beagle Buddy donation for Angel on behalf of Michael, Sam & Ella Karl & Joyce Webb In memory of our lovely Rescue Beagle Roxie xx
Kristie Zito * See above Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson (for Wally)
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson * See above Kim & Kevin Taylor (for Wally)
Sensis (for Sandy) Barbara Martin
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson (for Sandy)
Julie Oliver
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson (for Sandy)
Jeanette Neely
Karen & Peter Cozier
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson (for Melody)
Peter Hoare (for Tom & Buzz xo)
St Charles School Waverley
Rugby League Club
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson
Kim & Kevin Taylor
Kim & Kevin Taylor
Janelle Hollis & Ed Pearson
Dora Rosa

...the Vets who have been so generous

Bateau Bay Veterinary Hospital
Box Hill Veterinary Clinic
Greencross Wyoming Vet Hospital
Hornsby Veterinary Hospital
Motto Farm Veterinary Hospital
North Richmond Veterinary Hospital
SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital), North Ryde
Tuggeranong Veterinary Hospital
Willoughby Veterinary Hospital
Yass Veterinary Hospital

... our adopting families

and last but by no means least, to all the wonderful families that have adopted a beagle (or two) through us and
given them a "forever" home where they are loved and cherished just as they deserve to be!